Women’s Circle

I hold a women’s circle once a month on a Thursday night  – as close as possible to the Full Moon.

A women’s circle is a space where we can meet as women and share together, meditate, create, play, and talk..

Held monthly on Thursdays close to the Full Moon. The dates are always on my Facebook page

Time 7pm Cost: by donation- all proceeds go to Carrie’s Place in Maitland.

I find women’s gatherings have a special energy of their own which is healing supportive and nurturing.

We have a different theme each month – recently we have had a Fire Ceremony and made Affirmation cards. We work with the energy of the moon and explore ways to use that energy to help us to heal.

I am daughter, sister, mother in thousands of generations of women,
women whose skills created peaceful and bountiful civilizations,
women who preserved remnants of our knowledge
when the civilizations passed.

I am a woman. In me lives the knowledge and experience of all
beings. I can use that knowledge and experience to create a loving,
spontaneous world.

I am a woman, a part of and the whole of the first circle, the circle
that transcends space and time, the circle of women joined.
I am woman, a human being of extraordinary strength,
wisdom and grace.
And this is true. — Ann Valliant and The Womancraft Guide Manual Collection